Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Foreign Teachers can be a waste of money for Universities

Many students each semester dread having a class with a teacher whose name they can't pronounce. Many foreign professors or teachers can't speak english well, and the students are trying to understand them the best they can. I currently have a foreign teacher for STA 200, and she is a very small, quiet person. You have to be absolutely silent and try to understand each word she says, when she isn't reading from the powerpoint. She went and was babbling on talking in circles, looking like she was trying to think of how to explain it better to us in english. She says things in class and the rest of the class looks at each other with that "what did she just say?" look. She doesn't even take the entire class to present her lessons. Most instructors, TAs or professors take the entire 50 minutes to present their lesson for the day. She has never filled the class, always letting us out early. They are not really helping the students learn in this environment when they can't understand what they are saying, so they are wasting their money on letting them teach classes.

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