Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 1: Today is day one of my homework assignment for JOU 101 with Buck Ryan. We are to create a blog and discuss things we want, and generate comments for our grade.

My topic for today is going to be Political Parties. Just to start out I want to let anyone reading know that I am a registered Independant, and not attached to any third party. I don't really like the idea of political parties. As we can see from the current 111th Congress, we are dividing the country into Republicans and Democrats. Obama said he wanted things to be bipartisian, now look at his party in Health Care Conference Committee. Not a single Republican to be found. This should be where Obama sets up and tells the leaders in Congress to allow them [Republicans] to join the talks, where if nothing gets passed, its their fault.

One of our founding fathers, and first President, George Washington advised against the political parties and look where its gotten us. Why shouldn't many people have a chance at running for the office of President at once, rather than having to be on a major ticket and have the backing of one of the two big parties. It would increase competition amongst candidates if there were more of them in the general election. There are those people who are diehard Republican and Democrats who can't even accept there are different views and theirs might actually be wrong. If there were no parties, people might be more apt to realized his neighbor has a good suggestion even though it is radically different, and this could be the case in Congress as well.

Thats all for now. More to come as this is a continuing assigment.

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