Friday, February 5, 2010

Many ways to get involved while in college, great for resume

As this is my second semester at the University of Kentucky I feel I have a good handle on what there is to do while you're on campus to get involved and help the community. Some things may fall into your lap, like UK Fusion during K week, but others you might have to search for or work towards to be involved in them. One are Greek Organizations, and not just the social ones. There may be negative views towards the traditionally thought of Greeks, but there are also Academic Greeks that are much better for those students wanting to get involved. Phi Sigma Pi, my fraternity, isn't just based on social activities and meeting new people and throwing parties, but we focus on service, fellowship, and leadership. There are so many different opportunities to interact with the community of not just UK's campus, but Lexington as well. We've thrown a birthday party for kids who go to this afterschool program on 7th Street.

You can always run of offices for the Student Government Senate. You have to get so many signatures then campaign and run, and hopefully get elected. If not, you can always take things to the Student Government Supreme Court if you feel a rule was violated during the campaigning. I took two things to the Supreme Court, where they ruled in my favor. Even though I didn't win the election, I left a mark on the election process.

You can get a job on campus and work helping people with IT problems, working in food services, or many others that are truely rewarding, as well as a nice check in the bank. If your interested in writing or journalism, you can go down to the Kentucky Kernel and get an article for the paper to write or work with the yearbook and write for them. This really looks good if you plan on going into the field of writing, if you put on your resume that you wrote for your college newspaper, plus there is the satisfaction of seeing your name in the paper and knowing people are reading your article all over campus.

There are many other student organizations to join that are really beneficial to people. Just find a niche that you belong and look for orgs that fall into that cateogory. You will be glad you got involved and have like-minded people to converse with and help you with classes or other problems.

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