Friday, February 5, 2010

UK's Student "Ticket Lottery" isn't working for the "TRUE BLUE FANS"

UK has a very time consuming way to get student tickets, not only for workers and staff to put on the lottery, but students with getting off work, time away from homework, and standing in line doing Sudokus in the special edition kernels for the event. This season, with the renewed interest in the program for various reasons like Coach Cal, the amazing freshman class of '13, and win 2000 looming at the start of the season, students are going wild to get their hands on tickets.

At the last lottery they filled Memorial Coliseum to the brim with students waiting to get their lucky number and run down to the court to claim their $5 student ticket for the games. Once the lottery began I went and look at the posted list of numbers. Mine was eighth from last on the list and knew I wasn't going to get a ticket. Betime I walked back to my dorm my roommate asked if I got tickets and I said no and said that his friend in the dorm had tickets and was starting the bidding at $20 per ticket. The lottery wasn't even half over and there were tickets up on facebook. He had UofL eRUPPtion zone tickets that he sold for $150 to someone.

We are college kids and don't want to be paying crazy amounts for a $5 student ticket. If those scalpers who just want to make a quick buck off tickets didn't go to the lottery, MANY more students who are true fans, who live and break UK basketball, could get tickets to go and support the greatest basketball program EVER! Something must be done to change this. I hate not getting tickets and having to spend much more money than I'd normally spend on the tickets to the game, just to get there. I recently read an article by my friend Kayla Hayden, who I met in line at Rupp Arena during the two exhibition games this season, and her friend, Thomas Cofer who is also a loyal basketball fan, about changing the lottery. Hayden and Cofer are always in the front of the e-RUPP-tion Zone every game, and have been for the at least the past two seasons. Being so loyal means that have to shovel out crazy amounts to get to the big basketball games, like UNC this season. To view the article go to to read their article and how they feel the lottery should be changes to an online one.

If you feel the same, please get on and commet so the faculty in control of the lottery sees the students wanting change. Talk to a senator for the Student Senate about it and just get the word out there. This is very important to not only Hayden, Cofer and me, but many students who are loyal, blue bleeding, Wildcat crazy fans that are dedicated to the team and want to be in the eRUPPtion zone every game as close to the front, because we know Hayden and Cofers will always be there first, and cheer on the amazing and best WILDCATS!!

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