Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Take Home Test..."Isn't this just a worksheet?"

Test are those awful things that students in high school and college alike dread. They have to study their butts off while worrying about four or more other classes homework and test. It really is a pain, especially when you get two test in one day, and even worse when they are back to back.

Something that helped me, especially this week when I have three test, was a generous professor who gave the class a take-home test. We had the weekend to do the test and compare answers with others from the class. This lessened the load I had to worry about that weekend, because there was a lot of material on the test that I needed to study. I had more time to concentrate on my COM 101 test and feel that because of the take-home test I was able to get a better score on the other test I had that morning.

What is good about take-home test is that they are very much like a worksheet you'd get for homework, just over more topics. I feel that each professor should give at least one take home test per semester. This would really show who is working and getting ready for the test. If you were lazy you'd forget to do it and fail still. It would really help keep the students less stressed and not spend as many nights pulling all-nighters.

Some professors might say that this would ruin the meaning of a test, and everyone will do better. Well thats a good thing. If you don't like the idea of this test counting as much, lower the percent of the test to 15 in the weight of the overall grade. That way it still helps the student, but doesn't count as much as the in class exams.

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