Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So many books....so little time!!!

In college, every Professor seems to think you just have their class and that's IT! They give you a ton of books and expect you to keep up with all their assigned reading. When you do have 15 or 18 hours what are you to do? You have five or six books your trying to read and keep up with, along with their homework, studying for test, maybe a job, and having free time to get on Facebook (playing farmville!), or just spending sometime with your friends or girl/boyfriend!

I know this semester I had a stats 200 book and a History 109 text book that I returned back before the end of the first week of classes. I knew I would never have time to read them and keep up with them with all the other books that I had for my classes. I still have seven books that I'm going to have to read this semester. Most of them are boring reads that you struggle through. For HIS 109 they are books that are just 200+ pages of documents from a specific era in American history. For PS 212 (Third World Politics) I have three I am suppose to read, because we have pop quizzes to see if we've read, but they are so dull, boring, and just guys who have been in high positions, that think they've solved the problem of poverty in the third world, but won't do anything to enact their policies!

With so many classes its hard to keep up with all the books, especially if there are papers associated with some of the books. You have to worry about remember where certain things were in the book, so you can go back and quote and cite it to help the paper. I wish classes were more like COM 101 with DeSantis. He has his notes in a book and you take them there. That's the only reading you do, when you study.

College is spent in so much reading, its easy for bookstores like Kennedy's to make a ton of money from us poor college kids. I originally spend over $350 on books for this semester, so after I took two of the books back, I spend $158 for books, yes more reasonable, but still way too much! Just space out your time, and don't let the reading back up on you, especially if its important to test!!


  1. Do you ever proof read these?

  2. umm..welcome to college? this isn't high school you know

  3. Yes, I understand this is college. But reading 300 boring pages of a useless book in less than a week, just to write a pointless paper? When you have a ton of other pages to read from your various other classes.