Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crazy Little Assignments...a waste of time

Some professors, or Grad Students teaching classes, like to give out assignments just to take up your time. One of those are map quizzes. Students are given a list of countries on a certain continent and you are to learn their location and be able to point them out when he gives you a blank map. First was the Western Hemisphere, of North, Central and South America, then came Asia/Middle East, and now its Africa. Does he think we have all the time in the world to study for a little quiz that is less than 20% of our grade (that's all the quizzes combined!)? I don't think so. He alone makes us read at least 80 pages per week from books that are just about an old washed up person from the IMF, WB, WTO or some other IO that thinks they know how to solve the problems of the 3rd world. Well NEWSFLASH: If you think you have the answers, use your contacts and enact this stuff and make it work. Show us the results!!!

These little assignment take up so much of a students time that they don't have time to study for the other important stuff, like test, or doing other important college stuff, like writing articles for the school paper, reading for other classes, or just having time to hang out and catch up with an old GSP friend, or texting that special girl and letting her know how special she is!

So you newer students, make sure you spend enough time before hand studying and doing the little assignment, because they can come back and bite you in the ass at the end of the semester when you need just a few percentage points to get that A in the class. But most of all make sure you have time for others things and don't just stress yourself out on all the little things.

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