Friday, March 12, 2010

Something for All to Experience: SEC Tournament

One of the biggest times of the year, especially at UK, is March Madness! We always go into the SEC expecting to win the conference. I mean HELLO!!!! We have more SEC regular season titles than all other teams in the conference COMBINED!!! We have more than any other SEC tournament championships than any other school as well. This means so much to the University that we go in always expecting to win.

It would be a good idea during a students career at UK to make the trip down to the SEC tournament. I can only imagine the atmosphere there. UK always has a huge traveling crowd that follows them to their games during the tournament. A March 12th Kernel article said that UK had a new home away from home, at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. We always make it like a home game for our WILDCATS!

This would be a great thing to experience. The atmosphere at Rupp during the regular season is electric, and to be there, especially during UK's come back season, would be a great experience to have, with wonderful memories, especially when we have a legitimate chance to make the Commonwealth proud and bring home banner #8 to Lexington!

This is something all students should experience during their college years, and who knows, you might see Ashley Judd doing the John Wall Dance!!!

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