Thursday, March 4, 2010

DanceBlue be sitting a lot!!!

This past week has flown by. Just seems like we were in the Dancer meeting having a week to go, yet here it is almost 24 hours from the event. Students should get involved in this while they are a student here. They don't have to dance, but they can get on the DB Committee with SAB, volunteer at the event, or support their friends that go to the event, hell they can even donate if they don't want to do anything else. This is a really good cause, and we are showing cancer and the nation that we are as passionate about DB and helping the kids as we are about our #3 Rank Men's Basketball team!!

It is going to be a great 24 hours, especially with the line dance they have made. Everyone seems to be wondering at this point if and how they incorporated the Big Blue Nation's latest craze, the John Wall Dance, into the line dance we will be doing 24 times over the course of the marathon. Everyone has been doing it: kids who killed their first deer of the season, small children, older people, GameDay crew members, and even me! They filmed me and the people around me doing the JW Dance at GameDay in the famed eRUPPtion zone. It should be on

Can't wait to start the dance-a-thon. If you want to donate still just text the word DANCE to 50555 and $5 will be added to your cell bill this month. Lets "Just Dance!" the night away FTK!!!!

Should be fun w/ my ΦΣΠ DB Team!!!